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Foxy's Story

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ver the last number of months, the horse racing world and fans everywhere gained and then lost hope that Barbaro would win his ultimate race. Recently I faced my own heartache. Early in December my beloved Pomeranian Foxy became ill. I took him to Cornell Veterinary Hospital where he was diagnosed with a severe liver infection. After two weeks, it seemed like he was recovering, but another medical problem was discovered. That problem was resolving; then he developed lung issues. He was up and down and I gained and lost hope, only to gain and lose hope many times over the course of a month. Our January 5th 2007 evening visit wasn’t much different than our other visits. I hugged him, kissed him as many times as I could during our brief visit and then I said goodbye, crying as usual.

I didn’t know that would be our “last goodbye.” The next morning as I arrived for my morning visit, the doctors we administering CPR. They said it must have been a clot as Foxy was gone within a minute.

F oxy fought like a champ. From a young age he had a seemingly endless list of conditions that we managed. Despite the odds against him, he lived a very happy and for the most part, pain free life. He was a tough little guy of six-pounds. His feisty spirit as well as extraordinary veterinary care, especially from Dr. Jean Schaedler, allowed him to reach almost 13-years-old.

F oxy was one of S&L’s first columnists. He wrote the “Ask Foxy” column where he gave advice on a variety of topics relating to our non-human companions.

H is legacy will live on. As great as Foxy was as a younger boy, he was more special to me as he aged and our bond deepened. I have started this charitable organization in his honor. Foxy's Fund's focus will be on the care of aging pets.

Foxy ~ 3/18/94 – 1/6/07


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